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Solas YX-CD-12/17 Impeller

Solas YX-CD-12/17 Impeller


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This new YX-CD-12/17 impeller for Yamaha EXR blows away the performance of your stock impeller! Large blade area and superior hub design deliver increased acceleration and top speed.

It is designed for modified Yamaha EXR applications with TR-1 engine. It works great on both stock units and skis with Map Tuner X tuning. See data below:

Stock EXR/Stock impeller: 52 MPH @ 7800 RPM
Stock EXR/Solas test impeller: 55 MPH @ 8100 RPM
EXR with ECU reflash/Solas test impeller: 57 MPH @ 8300 RPM

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2019 EXR
2020 EXR

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