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Solas YQ-CD-12/18 Impeller

Solas YQ-CD-12/18 Impeller


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Solas Concord impeller, bottom end & mid-range improvement gain. 

For freeride skis aimed at giving the maximum amount of bottom end

To Suit

1994 Superjet, Blaster (Freeride Application)
1995 Superjet, Blaster (Freeride Application)
1996 Superjet (Freeride Application)
1997 Superjet (Freeride Application)
1998 Superjet (Freeride Application)
1999 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2000 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2001 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2002 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2003 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2004 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2005 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2006 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2007 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2008 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2009 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2010 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2011 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2012  Superjet (Freeride Application)
2013 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2014 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2015 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2016 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2017 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2018 Superjet (Freeride Application)
2019 Superjet (Freeride Application)

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