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Riva Yamaha FZ Mirror Block-Off Kit

Riva Yamaha FZ Mirror Block-Off Kit


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Our billet Block-off Kit covers the opening left in the hood when mirrors are removed for competition. Enhances craft's sleek lines and aerodynamics. Easy installation requires no special tools. Precision machined from billet aluminum and anodized to prevent corrosion. Includes installation hardware.

To Suit

2009 Yamaha FZR
2009 Yamaha FZS
2010 Yamaha FZR
2010 Yamaha FZS
2011 Yamaha FZR
2011 Yamaha FZS
2012 Yamaha FZS
2013 Yamaha FZR
2013 Yamaha FZS
2014 Yamaha FZR
2014 Yamaha FZS
2015 Yamaha FZR
2015 Yamaha FZS
2016 Yamaha FZR
2016 Yamaha FZS

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