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Worx Racing Seadoo 2020+ GTR, GTI, GTS Sponsons With Spacers

Worx Racing Seadoo 2020+ GTR, GTI, GTS Sponsons With Spacers


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Want to corner tighter and faster? Make your jet ski feel like it's turning on rails with Worx Racing Component's WR564-I Sponsons.

Made for Seadoo 2020 GTI, GTS & GTR models, these sponsons have been specifically designed to improve the handling performance of your Seadoo ski. Initial testing found the GTR and GTIs unreliable in straight line handling and had a tendency to chine walk. The new sponsons directly combat that and reduce the need for constant steering adjustments when travelling in a straight line.

With included spacers and 4 position adjustable paddles, and optional spacers, you're able to select from 8 different positions to tune in the lean-in-handling characteristics of your jetski, making your ski's handling more or less aggressive!

All Worx Sponsons are designed and manufactured in our Australian warehouse on the Gold Coast, so when you buy Worx Sponsons, you can be sure that you're supporting an Australian owned business.

Improved direct response in cornering
More predictable handling
Greater straight line stability
Made in Australia

2 x Backing Rails
2 x Adjustable Paddles
2 x Spacers
All Fasteners Needed

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