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TBM Racing Ultra 250/260/300/310 Signature Series Ride Plate

TBM Racing Ultra 250/260/300/310 Signature Series Ride Plate


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Introducing our Kawasaki Ultra 300X Signature Series Ride Plate. This plate is identical to the most dominant competition Ultra 260X ride plate ever made and is the same ride plate that won the 2011 Martinique Cup piloted by Vincent Karam. We worked in collaboration with Riva Racing making the necessary changes to properly fit the new model and bring to market the highest quality US made performance ride plate money can buy. The strength, OEM like fitment and incredible performance in the roughest offshore or closed course conditions make this the simple choice for all competitive Ultra 300X owners. With a 1mph gain in top speed this plate enhances every aspect of your craft with superior hook up and drive through the chop and cornering reminiscent of an F1 car. Every ride plate includes a billet block off plate for those that wish to run this on an Ultra 250X or 260X. We also powder coat with the highest grade Dupont paint to prevent corrosion.

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