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SBT Yamaha D-Plate GP1200R /GP1300R /XL1200 /XLT1200LTD 1999-2008

SBT Yamaha D-Plate GP1200R /GP1300R /XL1200 /XLT1200LTD 1999-2008


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Our stainless steel D-Plate is a low cost alternative for replacing the catalytic converter in the GP1200R, GP1300R , XL1200, and XLT1200LTD. It is a duplicate of the plate Yamaha used in countries that did not require a catalytic converter. Removal of the catalytic converter reduces engine bay temperatures, increases power, and gives you the freedom to use regular 2-stroke oil. Due to it's effects on passing emissions tests, it is intended for competition use only.

If installing on Catalytic Converter equipped models with OEM CDI we recommend our Cat Temp Sensor Chip. The circuit is designed to mimic the signal sent to the OEM CDI by the catalytic converter's temperature probe preventing CDI flutters, warning devices sounding and engine shut downs due to cat removal.

To Suit

2008 YAMAHA GP1300R
2007 YAMAHA GP1300R
2006 YAMAHA GP1300R
2005 YAMAHA GP1300R
2004 YAMAHA GP1300R
2003 YAMAHA GP1300R
2005 YAMAHA XLT1200
2004 YAMAHA XLT1200
2003 YAMAHA XLT1200
2002 YAMAHA XLT1200
2002 YAMAHA GP1200R
2001 YAMAHA GP1200R
2000 YAMAHA GP1200R
2001 YAMAHA XL1200 LTD
2000 YAMAHA XL1200 LTD
1999 YAMAHA XL1200 LTD

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