RRP Carbon Exhaust System

RRP Carbon Exhaust System

Part Number - RRP-CRB-PIPE

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The RRP Ninja Carbon Fiber Exhaust System, by far the most innovative exhaust system on the market, this water injected system will give you explosive bottom end power and a huge power gains throughout the entire powerband. This ultra-light carbon system is a huge weight savings compared to a regular dry pipe using a water jacket. A weight savings of appx 12lbs. The carbon finish is second to none, Eva padding is included for durability and prevent any damage to the RRP Ninja carbon chamber. This complete exhaust system features an innovative RRP water box that minimizes back pressure and features a 3/8” water input line allowing the water box temperature and exhaust noise to be controlled.

RRP recommends this exhaust system for all Yamaha 701 2 Cylinder engine configurations from 850cc and up.


A. RRP Carbon Chamber
B. RRP Aluminum Water Box
C. RRP Exh Manifold for Carbon Exhaust
D. RRP 3-1/2” Manifold to Chamber Hump Coupler
E. RRP 2-1/2” Waterbox Hump Coupler 
F. RRP Exhaust Water Injector 
G. EVA Block 100mm x 120mm x130mm with Radius Corners for Carbon Pipe Seating
H. RRP Exhaust Manifold to Chamber Clamp (1” wide by 3-1/2” diameter T-Bolt Clamp