Riva Sea Doo 300 XX-Charger Wheel

Riva Sea Doo 300 XX-Charger Wheel

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Our new XX-Charger for 300 engines delivers up to 17.5 psi of boost pressure producing arm wrenching acceleration and increased top speed. High performance billet impeller & 3mm spacer increase horsepower through superior impeller blade design and larger interior housing volume. Lightweight billet impeller features a sophisticated blade design that is precision balanced to deliver smooth operation. Impeller is 22 grams lighter than stock providing improved reliability of clutch and bearings. Spacer & impeller install quickly and easily onto stock supercharger base plate. IJSBA Limited Class legal. Requires modifications to fuel delivery system to match increased horsepower. Includes detailed installation instructions.

Impeller Weight
RIVA XX-Charger: 168 grams
Stock: 190 grams

Applications & Performance Data
Sea-Doo 300 Models
* 12 PSI @ 8,000 RPM
* 15 PSI @ 8,400 RPM
* 17.5 PSI @ 8,700 RPM