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Blowsion Kawaski SXR Composite Rail Caps

Blowsion Kawaski SXR Composite Rail Caps


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The composite crew at Blowsion has made new mold sets off of our SXR Carbon Hull ---- which features "molded in rail caps"-- meaning these new generation SXR Rail Caps are a PERFECT fit! A complex fitting piece now made with the best fit and features available. Get rid of those extremely slippery factory rubber black rails and go composite. Available in gel coat white and ready to mount and go. Combine them with either our stitched, or Hydro Turf SXR mat kits and you are ready to rip. NOTE: Turf options listed below are available if you desire only the rail cap replacement turf, or new sides that warp onto the caps with no seam----- not a complete mat kit with bottom and dash. Simple and clean. Blowsion Custom painted Color Rail Cap Options listed below for those with vanity deep in their blood.

We recommend a good grade marine sikaflex for a bulletproof installation.


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