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R&D Kawasaki SXR 1500 Engine Cooling Kit

R&D Kawasaki SXR 1500 Engine Cooling Kit


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The Kawasaki SX-R’s stock engine cooling will quickly become inadequate in High Performance arena where Higher Compression Pistons and Camshaft kits, and aggressively timed ECU Packages are installed and used!

The R&D Cooling kit for the SXR is very similar to the popular R&D Ultra 310R kit, where Engine Temperature and Oil Temperatures are addressed, and greatly reduced. The R&D’s “Billet” Multi-Port Extra Cooling Block is designed with additional cooling ports over the OEM cooling block. The Multi-Port Cooling Block directly replaces the OEM cooling block mounted to the pump, and allows for an additional Cooling Line (or additional lines) to be added. The R&D Kit adds an additional line direct to the engine which will reduce engine temperatures.

The Kit also redirects water flow through the Oil Cooler to reduce oil temperatures. The Kit also works to reduce the amount of water being “Pumped” into the Water Box. The addition of the R&D Engine Cooling Kit will work to ADD Throttle Response, as well as maintain higher top speed averages by getting rid of engine heat fade.

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