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Pro Watercraft HFC SeaDoo HX Rear Sponsons

Pro Watercraft HFC SeaDoo HX Rear Sponsons


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These Sea-Doo HX rear sponsons give you maximum stability and corner grip where you need it most. The integrated wedge design allows water to flow past the bond flange for an increase in speed and water flow. To help reduce rear lifting in the corners caused by the solid sponsons, we added relief areas for improved grip through less water pressure.

  • How do these compare to the stock sponsons?
    Our SeaDoo HX rear sponsons are 3 inches deeper than stock giving your HX better straight-line stability and turning grip. The relief cuts eliminate lifting of the rear from the extra grip.
  • How do these mount?
    You will use the OEM mounting locations to install our HX sponsons with 10 screws (5 per side).

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