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Worx Racing Yamaha Superjet / Waveblaster 1 & 2 Intake Grate

Worx Racing Yamaha Superjet / Waveblaster 1 & 2 Intake Grate


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Fits 1991-2007 Superjets. Also fits Waveblaster 1 & 2. Designed with a deeper scoop for more aggressive hook up. Ideal for Freestyle, Freeride and Racing.
This is one of the first intake grates ever produced by Worx. It is used by many of the top racers and recreational riders world wide and is the most popular Superjet/Blaster Intake grate on the market. These boats cavitate easily and lose drive because of the relatively flat intake area, the WR201 will solve these issues and will take the handling capability of your boat to new levels. It is a great rough water and surf riding intake grate because the pick-up area is wide and deep. It not only loads the pump but it also allows you to ride hard up to a turn buoy and then when you come off the throttle, the grate acts like a brake to slow you into the turn. For dramatically improved hook up and turning look no further than Worx WR201.
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