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Worx Racing Sea-Doo Spark 2014+ Intake Grate

Worx Racing Sea-Doo Spark 2014+ Intake Grate


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Our Worx Seadoo Spark Intake grate performs better than stock by far. Better snap off the bottom, better top speed, simply better.
Partner it up with the Spark pump plug Kit and you're really moving.

This intake grate is a must have for anyone wanting to get the very best from their Seadoo Spark. This intake grate replaces the stock plastic intake grate with more rigid Aluminium that will stand the test of time and will maximise overall handling and hook up in all water conditions.

  • Increased acceleration and drive
  • Reduced cavitation with increased efficiency
  • Increase stability through cornering and rough water
  • IJSBA legal in all classes
  • Suits both 2/3 up models
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