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KSPEED Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Race Spec Ride Plate KS1

KSPEED Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Race Spec Ride Plate KS1


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The ultimate in control and speed.

Our ride plate will make the ski faster in all conditions, designed for top speed gains in flat water over the OEM ride plate.
Improved tracking and control in rough water.

Slice through the wash of competitors skis with reduced chine walking. Longitudinal control lines make the ski track straight.

Reduces purposing, from the 2 step design, allowing the ski to hook up instantly and drive forward off the line quicker.

Perfect compliment to our Kspeed intake grate and Kspeed ultra sponsons for racing performance.

OEM like fitment, no modifications required. Retains reverse functionality and speedo wheel.

A trade off from gaining more speed is the speedo wheel does see less water and therefore doesn't show the correct speed when on the plain.

Fits 2012+ Kawasaki Ultra 300
Fits 2014+ Kawasaki Ultra 310
Fits 2012+ Kawasaki Ultra LX (non supercharged)


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