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Factory Zero Jet Launcher SXR1500 Tote (4 wheels)

Factory Zero Jet Launcher SXR1500 Tote (4 wheels)


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This new Jet Launcher is based on the industry-leading Factory Zero J-130S Jet launcher, utilizing this great design and functionality this new launcher features:
* Factory Zero exclusive 44 square aluminium tubing
* Longer and larger frame to allow for the best weight distribution
* Stronger and more durable axles
* Wider handle/grip area for 2 person usage

The new 2017 Kawasaki SX-R weighs approximately 91kg more than the previous 800SX-R model, the weight of the new ski is basically the same total weight as a 2 stroke 2 seat sitdown PWC, we recommend you take this total weight into consideration when purchasing the 2 or 4 wheel Jet Launcher.

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