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Blowsion Pro Throttle Lever

Blowsion Pro Throttle Lever


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We have taken one of the oldest aftermarket products in our industry and refined every element imaginable. Introducing the 2023 Blowsion Pro Throttle Lever. Our new billet adjustable Pro Lever sets the standard for quality, rider comfort and cutting edge design while being proudly manufactured and assembled completely in the USA from 6061 Aluminum. Our Pro lever allows for 5 adjustable tilt angles from 0 to 8 degrees. This unique system locks the lever in place and will not allow it to move from the position you choose. This will inspire confidence and comfort whether you are a world champion racer or sending it on the weekend with your friends. Multiple lever options and bends will be available individually to suit whether you use 1 or 2 fingers on the throttle (two finger option coming soon). Available for all models. Available in anodized Clear, Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Teal. Machined to fit 10mm x 1.25 pitch throttle cables.

Some PWC models will require a throttle cable adapter (please refer to the Adapter Fitment Guide)

Adapter Fitment Guide

6mm Throttle Cable Adapter is required for the following Models:
Yamaha Superjet (2021+)
Yamaha 2-Stroke (All Years)
Kawasaki 550 (1982-1985)
Kawasaki 440 (1976-1986)
Kawasaki 300 (All Years)
Kawasaki (All Pre 1986)
HydroSpace (All Years)
Wet Jet (All Years)

8mm Throttle Cable Adapter is required for the following Models:
Kawasaki SXR 1500 (All Years)
Kawasaki SXR 800 (All Years)
Kawasaki 750SXi (All Years)
Kawasaki 750SXi-Pro (All Years)
Kawasaki 750SS (1996-2000)
Kawasaki 750XI (1996-2000)
Kawasaki STS (1995-1997)
Kawasaki ZXI (1995-2000)
Kawasaki STX (1997-2000)

Kawasaki 650SX and 750SX (1992-1994) models with 10mm x 1.25 pitch throttle cables do not require an adapter.

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