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Blowsion Cylinder Head Dome

Blowsion Cylinder Head Dome


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Each cylinder head dome includes a dome locking system that prevents it from spinning when servicing spark plugs. Not all cylinders are the same and compression may vary.

NOTE: All Cylinder Head Domes Are Sold Individually.

  • 82mm domes (701) intended for use with 81.00mm to 83.50mm piston size.
  • 85mm domes (760) intended for use with 84.00mm to 85.50mm piston size.

701cc Compression Chart

82mm Chamber 701 (61X) No Porting @ Sea Level
(NOTE: Stock 701 Cylinder is 81.00mm)

  • 29cc = 230psi
  • 31cc = 210psi
  • 33cc = 195psi
  • 35cc = 185psi
  • 37cc = 170psi
  • 39cc = 160psi

760cc Compression Chart

85mm Chamber 760 No Porting @ Sea Level
(NOTE: Stock 760 Cylinder is 84.00mm)

  • 32cc = 225psi
  • 34cc = 215psi
  • 36cc = 195psi
  • 38cc = 185psi
  • 40cc = 170psi

NOTE: These are estimations only. Many factors could change actual compression (port timing, squish, deck height and piston selection).

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