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Blowsion Brap Strap

Blowsion Brap Strap


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Strap and secure your hood to avoid accidental dislodging during freestyle and freeride maneuvers. Replaces stock latch assembly. All mounting hardware included. A must for extreme ocean and big wave riders. "Cinchable" strap tension means you pre-load strap holding power. Fits all SJ, SXR800, FX1,750sxi and Octane. PLEASE NOTE: for Fx1 riders this assembly has become the ultimate solution for replacing the front hood latch that unfortunately tends to fall off while riding and is no longer available from YAMAHA.  

NOTE: Must be used carefully as over-tightening can damage OEM or composite hoods.

Please be aware that in extreme circumstances, if the Brap Strap were to release or break, it is still recommended that you use the Blowsion Hood Straps in conjunction as a backup.
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