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Blowsion Battery Box Riser

Blowsion Battery Box Riser


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Just purchased a Powerfactor pipe for your Rickter XFS? Now have no location for your battery? The Blowsion crew have been working hard to rectify the issue of relocating your battery. The standard solution has been to mount the battery box in front of the Rickter scupper valve inlet hole (rendering it useless of course). The Blowsion Battery Box Riser is a compound shaped composite piece that is molded off of the Rickter hull and bonds into the scupper valve intake area channel of the interior hull, thus enabling you to mount your battery box an inch taller to help maintain that flow of unwanted water out of your engine compartment. The Blowsion Riser includes stainless inserts pre-installed for you to bolt your battery box to. Also included with the kit package are inserts and spacers to bolt your battery box to the rear fire wall for extra durability and strength. A simple, clean and quick install. Color: Carbon Gray.

NOTE:Â  We Recommend Marine Urethane Sealant for Installation.

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