ADA Kawasaki 750 Dome

ADA Kawasaki 750 Dome

Part Number - KA7520

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Billet dome includes compression(OR042) and dome top(OR020) orings. Squish relief is 0 @ 81mm with a 4 degree angle.

The Kawasaki 750SX(92-94) model will have about 15lbs higher compression than the readings shown in the dome drop down above. You will then also need to adjust the octane requirements accordingly. All compression readings are on stock non-ported cylinders at sea level elevation. Cylinder porting will lower compression as well as increase in elevation. Compression will drop approximately 7lbs for every 1000ft increase in elevation. Ported cylinders will affect compression differently depending on how much the opening duration of the exhaust port was increased. On ported cylinders there is no way for us to know what the compression will be without a beginning reference point.