Thrust Innovations EZ Shorty Steering

Thrust Innovations EZ Shorty Steering

Part Number - TI-EZ-STR-SB

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Includes all mounting hardware but blue loctite is required for install on all bolt except center pivot bolt which is greased

With great success of our Ez steering with adjustable height we decided to go forward with our shorty version with the gen 2 bearing set up inside like our updated ez steering adjustable .

Features our patent pending bearing design and ultra lighweight billet design and   Fat bar 28.6mm bar clamping system for supersmooth oring free design with adjustable bearing tension spacer so you can make the steering a little stiffer as this thing is super smooth .

The bars mount just behind the pivot for added leverage (over OVP) when steering but still a very low amount of swing .

All colours available to order.