R&D Yamaha FZ & FX SHO C3 Monster Supercharger Wheel *SALE*

R&D Yamaha FZ & FX SHO C3 Monster Supercharger Wheel *SALE*

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R&Ds new C3-11 Blade Series Racing Monster Compressor Wheel Kit for Yamaha SHO/FZ/FZR engines is an exciting new racing product addition for 2010. The C3 will deliver horsepower you can feel with instant throttle response, aggressively improved low and mid range acceleration, and increased top end performance. The R&D Monster Wheel replaces the stock wheels low performing 5 blade design with a modern low profile, high flow 11 blade design with a larger exducer diameter. The larger exducer diameter will work to move more air flow at lower rpms producing better holeshot horsepower. The R&D Monster Wheel Kit will deliver 13-14 pounds of boost pressure with a 12.5-13 pound per minute airflow gain at 7700 rpms. The R&D C3 Monster Wheel and R&D Exducer Seal Plate Kit will install directly into the O.E.M. stock compressor housing for a no modifications‚ bolt on and go parts kit. The C3 Racing Monster will require the R&D High Performance Intercooler Kit, and an R&D Impellor upgrade. The C3-11 performs well on 91 octane pump gasoline. Boost rated 10/14 P.S.I. (10 @ 7700, 13@8300 and 14@8500) The new R&D 11 blade series compressor wheels offer the highest levels of airflow and horsepower gains available for the 1.8 Yamaha engine using the stock E.C.U. Aftermarket ignition systems and a C3 Monster properly tuned can achieve well over 300 H.P. very easy. 

* Aggressive throttle response, increased horsepower 
* Increased boost pressure (5 P.S.I. over stock @ 7700 rpm)  
* Increased airflow (12.5-13 pound per minute gain)  
* 10+ horsepower increase and 2 MPH Gain (with R2 ECU)  
* 300 plus horsepower using aftermarket ECU (MOTEC M400) 
* Precision balanced (turbo specs .012-.027 gram inches)
* Utilizes O.E.M. ignition system with R&D Impellor Upgrade
* Utilizes O.E.M. fuel injectors
* 91 octane pump gas friendly 
* Ultra easy installation
* Highest horsepower upgrade available using stock E.C.U

NOTE: The R&D C3 Monster Compressor Wheel delivers a 12.5-13 pound per minute airflow gain (approximately 110 horsepower at sea level at 8600 rpm). The C3 Monster Wheel will work best in sea level to 2000 ft. elevations, or in ambient air temperatures between 60 and 100 degrees. R&D strongly suggests that the R&D High Performance Racing Intercooler Kit be installed with the C3 Kit. For high altitude recreational situations (such as Denver, Colo.), R&D suggests the C3 Monster Wheel Kit and upgrading to the R&D Performance Intercooler Power Core Kit. Air density is greatly influenced by heat and altitude combinations. In conditions where the air becomes less dense, power will be lost. R&D offers a range of compressor wheels and intercooler kits that will allow the engine tuner to compensate for air density losses with a range of compressor wheels with blade tip height and increased inducer/exducer sizes, all with increased air flow volumes rated in pounds per minute. Trust the pros at R&D to boost up your airflow volume, after all, its airflow volume gains that increase horsepower. NOTE: The C3 Monster Wheel Kit will require impellor upgrades over the C1 impellor suggestions. Contact R&D for intercooler suggestions, and impellor pitch/nozzle combination that will be best for your performance level or application. R&D stocks the largest selection of custom impellors for the SHO/FZ/FZR