R&D Kawasaki Ultra 310 High Boost Super Charger Pulley (Wheel/Ratio 1.021 to 1) *SALE*

R&D Kawasaki Ultra 310 High Boost Super Charger Pulley (Wheel/Ratio 1.021 to 1) *SALE*

Part Number - 611-30018

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The R&D Racing “High Boost” Supercharger Pulley Wheel’s for the 300X/310X will clearly deliver an impressive boost in torque and overall horsepower. The R&D Pulley’s are designed and manufactured from high quality billet aluminum and precision hard anodized for superior belt wear resistance. The R&D Pulley’s are lighter than the O.E.M. steel pulley, and will delivers up to 4 lbs. of additional boost pressure. Expect up to 20-30 plus Horsepower gains (depending on Pulley choice). Holeshot acceleration performance is super impressive with a solid 1.5-2 boat lengths gain over stock and additional 2-4 MPH top speed gains over the stock pulley. Seriously Impressive results! The R&D Pulley’s are available in two boost ranges (RDP-16, and RDP-18). The RDP-16 will deliver 16 pounds of boost at 8000 RPM, and up to 16.5 at 8200. The R&D Pulley comes complete with all necessary hardware and installation instructions, as well as compatible parts upgrade suggestions and R&D ECU Program recommendations.

R&D strongly recommends the install and use of the R&D Pulley Wheel Reprogrammed ECU Packages or the R&D Powershot Fuel Tuner when using the R&D Supercharger Wheel’s to have the proper AFR Calibrations. Not using the recommended ECU Package, R&D Powershot, or R&D High Volume Fuel Pump Kit’s with the R&D Supercharger Wheel can result in engine damage due to a lean air fuel ratio. Call R&D Today for tips and suggestions.

• 4-5 MPH top speed improvement’s with more boost (depending on package)
• Seriously noticeable acceleration performance improvements
• Super easy to install 
• Uses O.E.M belt tensioner assembly
• Significantly improved cornering with more engine torque
• Drives through chop with superior power authority
• Utilizes all oem engine internals

RDP-18 Supercharger Pulley Wheel/Ratio 1.021 to 1 (18-19 LBS Boost)