Rickter XFS Competition NINJA

For the new Xfs ninja Competition; we have teamed up with some formula one composite engineers to develop a unit lighter, stronger and stiffer using Textreme Carbon fiber technology.The mission was to created the lightest hull possible using 100% carbon ( now produced with Textreme Carbon technology) and epoxy resin. Then, we adapted it for the powerful engine used these days on competition.

We have put that hull to the test intensely with our team rider with great success. We designed and tested a super long, wide and deep intake track to feed the pump with maximum water lamentation.

The result spoke by itself, the XFS NINJA COMPETITION made amazing combos possible with the height and the style that had not been seen before.

If you are really serious about your riding or competing we have the machine needed to win.

The all new Rickter XFS NINJA COMPETITION is only available in Textreme or full carbon.

2019 Updates
The new XFS Ninja COMPETITION features a new wider intake track and a bigger intake grate to improve water flow which result in better performance , the bottom hull as been widen to improve stability and increase the popping factor when hitting the wave prior to jumps resulting on increased jump height , we have also replace the aluminum exhaust tube by a carbon one to reduce even more the weight of the unit .

Adjustable Bindings system
Adjustable engine mount
Scupper valve
Billet pole bracket
Billet hood clip
Fully padded
Fully paint with graphics
Hood seal

Feet Position

Angle forward feet position gives the rider a more comfortable stance that provides a better riding position. An extra thick pad at the heel helps to absorb the impact of event biggest jump.

Intake Track

The new 2019 XFS Ninja Competition features a new wider intake track and a bigger intake grate ( generation 3 ) to improve water flow which result in better performance.

Back Tray

Increased flotation on the back of the hull, to keep the ski from sinking on landings. To achieve this without changing the handling of the ski, it uses high volume back tray making the hull much more friendly to use.

Stable Riding & Landing

2018 XFS Ninja Competition is using the maximum width of the hull to enhance stability in riding and landing. It is also super short to increase maneuverability without affecting the stability of the XFS

The Hull will accept all Yamaha Superjet mechanical parts, engine, etc. (Super Jet 08 and up need to replace the drive shaft of the version of the previous year)

The XFS NINJA COMPETITION hull is built with 100% epoxy resin using a high tech infusion process.

Standard XFS NINJA COMPETITION is built with full carbon TeXtreme built.

Length: 2010 mm, Width: 760 mm ,Height: 470 mm

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Resin: Epoxy Infusion Resin System
  • Engine Setup: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701
  • Pump Setup: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701 Dr
  • Intake Gate: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701 Pre-2008
  • Rideplate Setup: RICKTER XFS Rideplate
  • Accessories are included in RICKTER XFS/XFR
  • Aluminum Front Bracket 1 pc.
  • Adjustable Binding System set 1 pair
  • EVA padding 1 set
  • Aluminum Hood Clips 1 pair
  • Hood Seal 1 pc.
  • Aluminum Engine Mount Plate 1 pair
  • Stainless Steel Front Hook 1 pc.
  • Breathing Tube 2 pcs.
  • Aluminum Coupler Spacer (38x24.5x13mm) Big 1 pc.
  • Aluminum Coupler Spacer (34x24.5x13mm)Small 1 pc.

Note: Specification is subjected to change without notice.

Colour Options