Rickter Ninja Pro v2

The Ninja Pro v2 is the top level of pro freestyle performance in the rickter rrp xfs hull series. A step above the rickter XFS Competition g2, the Ninja Pro v2 is specifically designed for professional and experienced riders who are looking for the most radical response and maneuverability for multiple jumps and spin combinations. After a season of testing by the pro team of riders at the rickter factory, the Ninja Pro v2 obtained this next level of maneuverability by being shortened, chimes rounded, and intake track redesigned for the new hull. We were rewarded with the results of the hull not only spinning faster but also releasing from the water better. With that improvement, the hull gained amplitude during multiple jumps while maintaining overall stability. On the top deck side, we completely redesigned its shape to match the new bottom deck length. The hood has been upgraded to fit a double hood seal design to keep water out of the engine compartment. We also optimized the adjustable ninja foot binding system and padding. We are thrilled with the results of the Ninja Pro v2, as it tops our entire range of XFS hull series, which are available to suit every rider’s size and ability. From the Ninja X, Ninja Pro, Ninja Pro v2, XFS Carbon Core, and XFS Competition g2, we have the perfect hull that fulfills your needs.



To make this ski even more maneuverable yet maintain stability, we have shortened the Ninja Pro V2 a total of two inches. Taking only one inch from the engine compartment and one inch in front of the handle pole bracket. It makes the ski remain stable as it rides like a one-inch shorter XFS Competition

Chines and Back of Hull

We rounded the back corners of the ski as well as the rear chimes to make the ski spin faster and easier.

Engine and Pump Placement

The Engine placement, pump, and driveshaft specifications are standard as the XFS G2. This hull accepts our Standard RRP Carbon Exhaust System.

Foot Bindings and Tray

The Ninja Pro V2 incorporates the signature RRP adjustable binding system, coming standard with updated Carbon Ninja Bindings. 2021 Ninja Bindings have been shortened by feedback from pro riders. To complement the Ninja Bindings the base of the footpad has been specifically designed to optimize traction and riding stance angle, as well as providing suspension for multiple jumps.

Intake Size

For optimum performance, we adapted a new intake size to this hull that is complemented using our signature Carbon Intake Grate. This intake tracksuits pump sizes ranging from 155-165mm using our line of RRP Aluminum Pump shoes.


Each hull is epoxy infused with 100% Hi-Strength carbon fiber materials, then finished with a premium TeXtreme outside layer that provides maximum strength and a unique look.

Top Deck and Hood Seal

The Ninja Pro V2 has a redesigned top deck that compliments the subtle length change with its own unique look. A new feature on this top deck is a dedicated double hood seal design to optimize keeping water out of the engine compartment.

The new Ninja Pro comes with the following:

Adjustable bindings system
Adjustable engine mount
Scupper valve
Billet pole bracket
Billet hood clip
Fully padded
Fully paint with graphics
Hood seal

Ninja Pro v2 Colour Choices