R&D Kawasaki Ultra 310 (2014-15) Speed Up Module *SALE*

R&D Kawasaki Ultra 310 (2014-15) Speed Up Module *SALE*

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The R&D Ultra 310X Speed-up Module was developed to override the ECU’s internal top speed limiting functions which are typically reduced 5-10 seconds after achieving a stable top speed reading value. Typically, the Kawasaki 310X can reach short top speeds of 68-69 MPH for about 5-10 seconds before being calculated and reduced back to 65 MPH, while still displaying 67 MPH on the dash! The R&D Module works to ELIMINATE these calculation and timer functions to allow “Full Speed Ahead”. Top Speeds with the R&D Module installed are typically 70 MPH, making that a 4-5 mile “Bolt On Part” on a stock Ultra 310X! The R&D Module also works effectively to display cruise and now wake mode speed values more accurately!


The R&D Speed Control Module installs and interfaces between the stock speedometer and the O.E.M. ECU and works to cancel out all top speed reduction manipulations from the ECU. Without the R&D Module, the ECU can regulate the throttle plate to lower air flow volumes, and boost levels into the intake manifold plenum, which in result restricts top speed performance. The R&D Speed-UP Module allows full boost levels to be achieved which produce a 4+ MPH speed gain on a box stock Ultra 310X. The R&D Module will allow all aftermarket bolt-on parts to perform to their full potential. The R&D Module interface is completely undetected (stealth) to the ECU which means no dash warnings, codes, or stored information to worry about. The R&D Module plugs into the O.E.M. wire harness super easy in 5-10 minutes. A plug and play speed gain in less than 10 minutes! No tools required to install. NOTE: The O.E.M. Kawasaki dash display is only internally capable of displaying peak top speeds to 67 MPH, so, rely on GPS devices to check peak top speeds, OR, rely on the RPM/Speed chart information in the installation instructions that will give you RPM to Top Speed references!

Made in the USA!

• 4+ MPH top speed improvement 
• Retains O.E.M dash functions, Eco mode, and Cruise Control 
• Plugs into O.E.M. harness terminals for a factory looking install, completely stealth to the ECU
• Improved RPM performance (up to 300+) (calculated after speed limitation rollback)
• Full Boost levels achieved (2 pound boost addition)
• Top speed performance significantly improved. 
• 10 minute plug and play performance.
• Works well with all other performance bolt on parts (R&D Ride Plate & Aquavein Scoop Grates)