ADR 550 Kawasaki Crankshaft

ADR 550 Kawasaki Crankshaft

Part Number - KW550

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Our solid forged bottom end advantage is the foundation of all performance engines. This process allows more compact dimensions and better inherent dampening to control vibrations, rev stronger, and run smoother.

This part of your engine endures a huge amount of stress due to hard twisting and bending during a typical ride. Extreme loads can cause a catastrophic failure and compromise your investment.

ADR performance crankshafts are made from a super strong SCM415 crankshaft steel and go through a strict heat treatment process to control strength and reduce stress.

All ADR performance crankshafts are equipped with connecting rods that offer a true chemical composition of 8620 aircraft quality steel which absorb over 12,500 RPM and helps transmit motion balance. These rods are CNC balanced to the gram on the 8mm and 10mm Stroker versions to help reduce vibrations for a smoother running engine. ADR rods were made just for the Yamaha Stroker crankshaft series, the only ones in the world like it and assembled in the USA.