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“This is Now.” the highly anticipated Free ride short film produced by Jetpilot in association with AJSP, WORX and Illuminated Water storms onto the world stage February 5th 2014.

The team from Jetpilot, filmmaker Allan Hardy and a handful of Australia’s best up and coming riders scoured the east coast of Australia in an effort to capture the camaraderie and essence that is free riding. With new ski technology allowing the guys to blast bigger and better tricks, “This is Now.” redefines what the sport is all about. Backed with an original music score, developed by London musician Oliver Lyu, “This is Now” provides a progressive and cinematic feeling to the film, something that has never been associated with the sport of free riding.

“Free riding is often overlooked as a sport and doesn't get the respect from the mainstream media like snowboarding or FMX does,” said Chris Dunn, Co-Producer of “This Is Now.” “This film is going to change the way that people perceive the sport of free riding and take it to a whole new audience. Using state of the art equipment and with access to the young blood of free riding in Australia, we have created a short film that redefines the genre. Cinematographer Allan Hardy utilsed the red epic cinema camera to capture remarkable riding and breathtaking undiscovered coastline in real time and super slow mo at up to 300 frames per second, giving the viewer a unique perspective similar to that of the highest quality nature films.

You can view the teaser on this link:

Founded in 1986, Jetpilot continues it's leading tradition of producing the most progressive, innovative, technically advanced, rider-inspired products for the Action Sports industry.

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