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Brodie Copp


Sponsors: Jetpilot, AJSP, Rickter RRP, Dasa, Cold Fusion, KR Lines
Age: 21
Occupation: Marine Upholster
Hometown: Gold Coast
Current location: Gold Coast
How long have you been jetsking: 2 1/2 Years
Riding style: Surf Freestyle
First jetski: 2011 Superjet
Current jetski: Rickter FR2 Evo 1
Favorite place to ride: South Stradbroke
Biggest on ski accomplishment: Coming second in Australia in my first year of pros.
Biggest off ski accomplishment: Finishing my 4 year corse and becoming a tradesman.
How did you get into jetsking: My brother bought one and I had a go and loved it.
What sports were you into before jetsking: Downhill Mountain Biking, Freeride Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Rugby Union
Biggest crash/injury: Split my knee open 3 stitches
What motivates you to ride your ski: Knowing that everytime I step foot on that ski it's one step closer to becoming a lot better and learning new tricks
What's your favorite thing about jetsking: I love the freedom it's my own craft and I can do what I want on it
What do you do to relax: Sleep
Nickname: Skippy
People who inspire you: Nick Barton, Pierre Maxinent, Taylor Curtis 

Mitch Young


Sponsors: Krash Industries, Air Time Products, Jetpilot, AJSP
Age: 27
Occupation: Concretor
Home town: Frankston
Current location: Mornington
Years skiing: 4
Riding style: Natural
First jet ski: Sxr800
Current ski: Predator/ Foot Rocket
Favourite place to ride: Anywhere with swell and mates
Biggest on ski accomplishment: Wining the Australian titles
Biggest off ski accomplishment: Sam
How did u get into jet skiing: A mate called John Lenny
What sports were you into before jet skiing: Surfing, MX, Sky diving, Snow boarding
Biggest crash/ injury: Attempting a double back flip - broken nose and plastic surgery to my face
What motivates you to ride your ski: Hot weather when it's cold I'm not motivated at all!
What's your favourite thing about jet skiing: Chicks in bikinis
What do u do to relax: Enjoy a beer
Nick name: Nope
People that inspire u: Kelly slater and the main guys I ride with! 


Luke Emanuel


Sponsors: AJSP, Jetpilot ,Worx Racing, Watson Racing, High Roller Energy, The Wetseat
Age: 29
Occupation: Carpenter
Hometown: Umina Beach
Current Location: Booker Bay
How Long Have You Been Jetskiing: 9 years
Riding Style: Old school staying on
First Jetski: Wave Blaster 800
Current Jetski: Rickter EVO
Favorite Place To Ride: Tallows, The Entrance and Sth Straddy
Biggest On-Ski Accomplishment: Dasa jetpilot aussie title 2013
Biggest Off-Ski Accomplishment: Lots
How Did You Get Into Jetskiing: Couple mates had them and had a go got hooked
Sports Were You Into Before Jetsking: Motorbikes trails , MTB, spearfishing
Biggest Crash/Injury: Landed on ski broken ribs severe bruising
What Motivates You To Ride Your Ski: going out with my crew and having a good one!! Practice and keep up ski fitness
What’s Your Favorite Thing About Jetsking: Freedom of the ocean , Having fun with the crew
What Do You Do To Relax: Sauna, Boxing and Sportsbike
Nickname: Luko
People Who Inspire You: Bruce Lee

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