Blowsion Lightweight Charging Flywheel

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Blowsion Lightweight Charging Flywheel


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So, you want to feel the bottom end of your Yamaha snap your neck back? Then the Blowsion charging flywheel is the way to go. Retains OEM charging capabilities but lightens the rotating mass for unreal bottom end response. Tested and developed beyond the limits of most ordinary human DNA, we are proud to work with and now offer the latest creation from the PWC World’s leading flywheel manufacturer. These are "THE" lightest charging flywheels ever offered to the PWC market.

Featuring a solid billet CAD/CAM design for superior strength and durability, the lightweight billet shell incorporates a heat treated aircraft alloy center hub (Yamaha model) for superior strength which prevents the hub cracking problems inherent with OEM and other brand models. "Blind" puller holes are used for removal, which (in non-nerdy layman’s terms) prevents the assembly screws from damaging that expensive stator assembly. Tthe magnetic circuit has been exhaustively tested and is compatible with all aftermarket ignitions and enhancers. Flamethrower Heat treated and tested alloy steel ring gears are incorporated for long life and durability. Finished anodized and bright dipped. Worthy of a glass showcase, or a big bore fire breather!

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